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What's a Dutch Oven?

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Well, there are two generally accepted definitions.

  1. A heavy cast iron or ceramic cooking pot with a lid. These dutch ovens normally use hot coals on top of the lid or are suspended over a fire. They can also be used in a traditional oven.
  2. When you fart under a blanket and pull it over someone else's head.
We're the fart kind!

What’s a Dutch Oven Kit?

It’s a gift box! Inside is a BIG (60” x 80”) fleece throw blanket, stickers and a Dutch Oven Recipe Card. Everything you need to fart on your favorite people or pets!

Picture of a Dutch Oven Kit Fart Blanket

What’s a Dutch Oven Recipe Card?

Whats a Dutch Oven Kit? Picture of a Recipe Card
Glad you asked! So in addition to the Classic Dutch Oven (As described above), we came up with 3 other ways to fart on your favorite someone! The Creeper, The Fart Fortress and the Screamin’ Eagle. We show you all 4 ways on one convenient recipe card!

Looking for a Bigger Gift Box?

We got you! The Deluxe Dutch Oven Kit comes with everything in the Original Dutch Oven Kit Plus: Shart Wipes, an Air Freshener, an Adult Diaper, a Clothes Pin, and More Stickers! Everything you need for the farter in your life.
Whats a Deluxe Dutch Oven Kit? Picture of Deluxe Dutch Oven Kit Gift Box

About Our Blankets

What's A Dutch Oven? Picture of a Fleece Throw Blanket draped over a bed

First, they’re BIG. 60in x 80in to be exact. Second, they’re 100% fleece and really soft! We spent a ton of time finding great blankets for our gift boxes. It’s important to us that you, and the people who receive your gift enjoy and actually use the blankets. Dutch Oven Kits are a silly gift, but we put a lot of work in to make sure you also get a really nice blanket! They're also available HERE individually, without all the fart silliness.
Thank you for looking. Now get out there and fart on someone!
Cover Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst
Dutch Oven Kits farts What's a Dutch Oven

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