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White Elephant Gift Ideas

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So you're looking for some white elephant gift ideas? We were too at one point. That's actually how Dutch Oven Kits came to be! Naturally, we're going to include our kits in our own list, but fear not. We have included other really awesome white elephant gift ideas too! Some ideas may be a little weird, but isn't that the point?

On to the list!

1. Dutch Oven Kits Fart Blanket - $29.99

Picture of White Elephant Gift Ideas Dutch Oven Kit Throw Blanket Gift Set

Our Dutch Oven Kits were literally made for White Elephant Gift Exchanges! Check out our About Us Page for the full story. They're  a hilarious gift that's sure to be a huge hit at any White Elephant game. You get a BIG fleece throw blanket, Fart Recipe Card and Stickers in every box.


2. Hand Made Slingshot from Hella Slingshots - $35.00

Picture of White Elephant Gift Idea Hella Slingshots Best Slingshot No. 4

Somehow we ended up following @hellaslingshots on Instagram and we think they're awesome! Who else is going to show up to the party with a hand made, old school slingshot? Nobody. That's who! These slingshots come in a ton of different colors and styles and make a great, unique gift.

3. Wine Tool Set - $24.99

Picture of White Elephant Gift Idea Wine Tool Set

If you're reading this gift guide looking for white elephant gift ideas, you're already a classy person with impeccable taste. This wine tool set isn't our favorite gift in the list, but it will get the job done. Extra points if you get one with some random name on it!

4. A Garden Hose - $24.97

Picture of White Elephant Gift Idea Garden Hose

On the surface, a garden hose sounds like a stupid White Elephant Gift Idea, but hear us out. Everyone has a crappy garden hose that they need to replace. 100% chance this thing gets fought over. Trust us. You'll be a hero.

5. DIY Tap Handle from Custom Brew Gear - $19.99

Picture of White Elephant Gift Idea DIY Beer Tap Handle

This tap handle kit from Custom Brew Gear is a great option for the beer brewers and drinkers in the group. 

6. Bacon Press - $15 - $40

Picture of White Elephant Gift Idea Bacon Press

Ever heard of one? It's seriously an old timey life hack! Haven't you always wondered how to keep bacon from curling up when you cook it? With a Bacon Press. That's how! We seriously never knew we needed one until we tried it. Check them out on Etsy, you can find some really cool vintage presses.

7. Kid Size Bow and Arrow - $27.99

Picture of Kids Size Bow and Arrow Set White Elephant Gift Ideas

Probably shouldn't let your kids use this thing unsupervised. Definitely shouldn't let Grown Ups use this at all! Your neighbors are going to hate you!


8. Shark Week Tampon Pouch - $9.95

Picture of White Elephant Gift Idea Shark Week Tampon and Pad Pouch

Full disclosure, We have no idea how we stumbled across these things on Etsy, but they're hilarious! And gross. Really gross actually. Use your best judgement. It's only $9 so you could even combine it with the next White Elephant Gift Idea for a double whammy Gift!

9. Shart Wipes - $9.99

Picture of White Elephant Gift Ideas Shart Wipes Hand Wipes

They're just for your hands or surfaces, but sharts are un-predictable! That stuff can get anywhere! Pairs perfectly with the Shark Week Tampon Pouch above!

10. A Dozen Donuts - $10

Picture of zWhite Elephant Gift Ideas Donuts

Pick good ones. Go to a real donut shop, not the grocery store. Seriously. Don't get any cake ones either. Nobody likes that kind!



Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst

    Cover Photo by Nicole De Khors from Burst

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