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Dutch Oven Kits - Fart Blankets for your next White Elephant Game

Look. We get it. You didn't bring the heat to last year's White Elephant Game. Maybe you were busy. Maybe it wasn't meant to be. But....

This is a new year.

Don't hold back. Sharon and her soap basket can suck it! You're bringing a Dutch Oven Kit to the party.

First, they'll be confused. Then it clicks. Dutch Oven. Blanket. Farts. Oh god!

Congrats. You just had the best gift of this year's White Elephant Game. Feels good doesn't it?

The Original Dutch Oven Kits Fart Blanket

Dutch Oven Kits Fart Blanket for White Elephant Game

The Deluxe Dutch Oven Kits Gift Box

 Deluxe Dutch Oven Kits Gift Box for White Elephant Game

You've Got Options!

The Original Dutch Oven Kits are gift boxes with a BIG, soft fleece throw blanket, Stickers and a Dutch Oven fart recipe card (Featuring: The Classic Dutch Oven, The Creeper, The Fart Fortress and The Screamin’ Eagle!)

Looking for Something More?

We got you! The Deluxe Dutch Oven Kit is the ultimate gift box for the farter in your life. It's a bigger box packed with more hilarious goodies! 
What's in the box?
We start with everything from the Original Dutch Oven Kit. You get a BIG (60" x 80"), Super Soft blanket, Dutch Oven Fart Recipe Card and Stickers!
Next, we planned for the worst and added a travel pack of 15 Shart Wipes! Great for cleaning hands and surfaces....
Don't let an upset stomach foil your evening plans! We got you with a Stylish Adult Diaper! (Nobody has to know)
Dislike your own brand of farts? Feeling bad for your partner? The clothes pin should help. Just watch out for sharp boogers!
Finally, freshen up your area with an official Dutch Oven Kits Air Freshener! Perfect for your car or living room! It's an awesome Dutch Oven Kits delivery van with a pleasing citrus aroma.
No matter which version you choose, you'll have the perfect gift for your next White Elephant Game!
Farts not included.