2022 Holiday Shipping Update

Holiday Shipping Deadlines (12/12/22)



We will still be shipping orders as quickly as possible, but at this point, we can not promise your order will arrive before Christmas.

That being said, we are located in California, which means the closer to the West Coast you are, the higher the chance of your order making it in time.

Current transit time for standard shipping to the East Coast is about 10 days. It's 3-5 days for the West Coast.

These are our best estimates based on prior years. We could be wrong if Shipping Carriers are particularly backed up. In the end, it's on you to order in time. We will not waive return shipping costs because something didn't arrive on time.


Expedited Shipping Option Update (10/15/22)

We are now offering the option for expedited shipping. For an additional cost, your order will be shipped via Priority Mail 2-3 Day or UPS Ground 3-5 Day (Depending on location and package size.) These are estimates provided by USPS and UPS and are not guaranteed.

This is an upgrade from our current 5-8 Day Shipping.


We will process Expedited shipping orders in 1-2 Business Days (Mon-Fri) and once it's out the  door, it's in the hands of the Shipping Carrier.

The cost for Expedited shipping is $18.50. This is the cost for us to ship an Original Dutch Oven Kit via Priority Mail 2-3 Day. 👇

Picture of the cost to ship an Original Dutch Oven Kit via Priority Mail 2-3 Day. Cost is $18.73

Expedited Shipping is totally optional and is offered as an add-on service.

If you choose Expedited Shipping even when your order qualifies for free shipping, you will still be charged for Expedited Shipping and your order will be shipped with one of the Carriers listed above.

We totally get that it's expensive, but we hope it provides value for those  Customers that have been requesting it.


2022 Holiday Shipping Update


The Short Version 

Instead of increasing shipping prices, we will be using a different Post Office service. The cost will remain the same, but it will now take longer for your orders to arrive. So plan ahead and get your Christmas orders in early.


The Long Version

The  Holiday  shopping season is rapidly approaching and we wanted  to take a minute to provide some information about some changes to how we're shipping orders.

  • All shipping carriers have increased their shipping rates by a significant margin. 
  • What we charge for shipping  doesn't cover the actual shipping costs.

We are faced with two options this Holiday Season:

  • Increase shipping costs
  • Switch to USPS Parcel Select Ground shipping which is less expensive, but takes longer.

At this time, we're choosing to keep shipping charges the same, which means it's going to start taking longer for your orders to arrive.

The average transit time will now be 5-8 Days, and that's BEFORE the madness of Christmas shipping.

Once peak shipping season starts, it could take a week or more.

* We have added the option for expedited shipping (See Above)

Providing fast shipping for a reasonable price has always been something we have been proud of. We really try to get your orders out the door within 1-2 days, and we will continue to do that, but once it's picked up by the Post Office, it's in their (Sometimes painfully slow) hands.

We honestly aren't thrilled to have to make this decision, but we believe that a longer transit time is better than jacking up prices. Especially when the price of everything else is going up too.

Help us help you! Please plan ahead for this Holiday season and get your orders in early.


Thank You!